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" Upendo "

  ~Swahili translation for LOVE

Perfect Cup * Perfect Love

It is love at first taste! At Upendo Coffee we give the same love we get from our coffee to our farmers by ensuring that they get a fair price for the coffee that they work so hard to produce in their farms. Our Coffee is sourced from single known geographic regions. This gives our coffee a distinctive taste that is specific to the origin. 

Fresh Roasted Fresh Ground Great Taste

We roast fresh coffee daily to make sure our customers get great tasting fresh coffee. Do you know that some of the coffee found in grocery stores sits on their shelves for months? Get your fresh coffee at upendo coffee. 

State of the art roasting technology

Our state of the art roasting technology ensures that you get the same great taste every single time. Our systems are Eco-friendly and we take great pride in helping keep the environment clean. Our bags are 100% recyclable.  

Protecting our environment.

"Over a year, just one electric car on the roads can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2. that's the equivalent of four return flights from Barcelona."

At Upendo Coffee we believe that protecting the environment starts with us!

We are committed to delivering our local orders by use of electric vehicles and using electric roasters to reduce our footprint on the environment.

Join us and help save our planet one cup at a time!!!

Upendo Coffee Logo

Our Origins

We source our coffee from single known geographical origins around the world to ensure that our customers get great tasting coffee that is specific to the area that it is produced . CLICK on your origin to read more: KENYA KIRINYAGA AA , ETHIOPIA GUJI , COLOMBIA HUILA SUPREMO , GUATEMALA ANTIGUA .